Review from Michelle

Tuesday, 21 July, 2015

Hello There!!

I am compelled to send this electronic 'thank you' note to your restaurant. We enjoyed dinner at Lure on Saturday night and what a pleasure it was to be in such a beautiful atmosphere.

Can I start by writing we were all seated in a lovely manner. Your wait staff seemed as though they simply floated through the place. The smiles on both the young men made us all smile back.

There was no air of arrogance or stuffiness about them, only cheerfulness. I do apologise I didn’t get their names, but they’re both young fellows who deserve a pat on the back. Please ensure they get this message.

I also liked the 'wine expert', he was fun too – he knew his stuff and was a pleasure.

The food – OMG!! I do not eat seafood, despite my husband being a fisherman! I settled with the mushroom for entrée and then steak for main. My husband saved his appetite for the seafood plate for one. Now, he is a hard marker with seafood – he could not fault ONE thing – he polished it off no problem at all! All day Sunday I could hear him on the phone raving about the seafood plate he had for dinner the night before. So, well done there. Compliments to the Chef/s and the menu makers. YEEEE-UUUMMMMMM.

The Restaurant atmosphere – BEAUTIFUL. Whoever designed your lovely logo and menus also deserves a mention. It’s simple, but very elegant at the same time without being overdone. I think there may be a very clever creative brain in your establishment somewhere! I especially loved the Lures in the frames on the wall. The lighting was perfect – you can see what you’re eating, but do not have lighting beaming down on you like a Christmas tree either. Well done to the designer/s there. Would the person/s be available to help with my house renovations? HaHa.

I hope I do get to come back there soon – this time I will have the chocolate dome ALL TO MYSELF!! I will know better than to share next visit! (another giggle here).

Thank you once again, it was just a lovely night out. And that’s all I really wanted to say!

Michelle from Charlestown.